Thursday, September 30, 2010

World Junk-Food Free Month - October 2010

In October of 2005, I called on Americans to set aside October to celebrate as "World Junk-Food Free Month." My hope was that Americans would begin the difficult task of shifting from the dangerous habit of overloading their diets with junk food, switch to more wholesome and nutritious foods and bring about a halt to the growing obesity epidemic.

This year, "Junk-Food Free Month," which wraps up today, was celebrated in September. But that's not the end. On October 1st, we will again celebrate "World Junk-Food Free Month," in recognition of the health threat that junk food poses, not only to Americans, but to people everywhere.

If we allow junk food to pervade the diets of people worldwide, as the junk-food industry would like, we will see obesity, chronic diseases and heath care costs rise to such an unfathomable degree that nations would be all consumed with treating the sick rather than building healthy, productive societies. We can't let this happen. We must not let it happen. 

That is why we must make the bold move and decide to quit the junk food habit. It will be hard, but what is harder is the pain and suffering, and high medical bills that result from a steady diet of junk food.

Cut the Junk
Let's wrap up "Junk-Food Free Month" today by saying "No" to sodas and any food containing 'high fructose corn syrup.' 

And let's get ready for "World Junk-Food Free Month," starting tomorrow, October 1st, with a commitment to wiping our plates and our palates clean of junk food.

Let's choose optimum health by switching to a diet of wholesome and nutritious foods.

Let's take a giant step towards stopping worldwide obesity now.

Let's do it!