Thursday, September 16, 2010

15 Telltale Signs of an Overeater

You know that you are an overeater if:
  1. You eat mindlessly.
  2. You gulp and swallow instead of chewing your food.
  3. You can’t remember what you ate after the last bite.
  4. You can’t stop eating until your stomach feels like it is about to burst.
  5. You are constantly hungry and foraging for something to eat.
  6. You swallow your emotions.
  7. You supersize your fast food meals.
  8. You eat an extra-large pizza and wonder where it went.
  9. You drink a liter of soda daily.
  10. You're always thinking about food or things pertaining to food.
  11. You're suddenly up four dress sizes.
  12. Your shopping cart is overflowing with ready-to-eat meals and junk food snacks.
  13. You forgot to buy the veggies.
  14. Your waist size is the same as your hips.
  15. You binge and purge.