Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Kitchen Rules for Healthy Dieting

Successful dieting is about making the right food choices. And what better place to start but right in our own kitchen. But let's face it - dieting or not, in today's fast-paced society, convenience rules. You eat out because it's convenient. You buy packaged food because it's convenient. You grab snacks from the vending machine because it's convenient. Even though you know that these foods undermine you diet, convenience rules. But, you don't have to ruin your diet with convenience foods. Here are 10 kitchen rules that will help turn your kitchen into a convenience center for healthy dieting.

Rule 1. Pray
Prayer will put you in touch with your higher power and allow you to gain the insight that you need to stay focused on healthy dieting.

Rule 2. Have a Healthy Attitude
Attitude is the great motivator. If you believe that you can, you can’t. Don’t let negative thoughts keep you from focusing on losing the weight. Keep in mind that dieting is not just about losing weight; ultimately, it's mostly about your health.

Rule 3. Clean Your Cupboard and Refrigerator
The less temptation you have around, the easier it will be for you stay on your diet. So, look around your kitchen and get rid of all those high calorie, high fat, high sugar and high salt foods you've been storing. It's time for a fresh start.

Rule 4. Stock Up on Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food
Don’t leave your cupboard and refrigerator bare. After you have thrown out the junk, replace them with healthy options, including fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. This will make dieting a lot easier.

Rule 5. Make It Easy to Snack on Healthy Food
You shouldn’t have to rummage through your cupboard or refrigerator to figure out what to eat when you want a quick bite. Keep a variety of fresh fruits in plain sight. That could be a bowl of fresh fruit, nuts and seed on your kitchen counter or dining table, or a container of cut fruits and vegetables, cheese and yogurt in plain view in the refrigerator. 

Rule 6. Toss 'n Go
Keep a few brown bags, sandwich bags and other convenient food carriers in the kitchen. Then, when you are in a hurry, you can just pack your own take-out lunch or toss some of your favorite snack foods to eat on the go. Convenience goes a long way towards making it easy to diet.

Rule 7. Cook It Right – Keep It Light
It is so easy for unwanted calories to sneak into your diet when you are not paying attention. So, stay focused. You don’t have to avoid fat, sugar or salt altogether, but you do have to limit the amount that you use in cooking or at the table.

Rule 8. Eat In More and Dine Out Less
Fast food places and the restaurant industry could care less about your weight or your health. Their concern is their bottom line. Your is your waistline. A few minutes in the kitchen could help you maintain a healthy diet and work wonders for your weight and your waistline. 

Rule 9. Get a Better Perspective on Portions
Do you know what a standard portion is? If not, take a look at the USDA food guide pyramid. Portion out your meals and snacks based on the guidelines provided. Just keep in mind that two portions mean two times the calories. Take time to read study portion sizes on food labels, as well.

Rule 10. Drink Your Water
With water flowing freely from your kitchen faucet, there is no excuse for not drinking lots of water. If you'd rather drink filtered water, purchase a water filter for your kitchen faucet or other type if you prefer. Bottled water makes it convenient for you to drink water anytime, whether you are in your kitchen or not. Make no excuses.