Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lose Weight Now

If you are overweight or obese and suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or other chronic health condition, then you know how important it is to lose weight. But finding a program that works for you could be difficult. In fact, the best way to succeed at losing weight and keeping it off is to design a weight loss plan that is uniquely yours.

At any rate, if you put your heart and mind to it, you can succeed. But you need to have the motivation and be willing to make the commitment to change what needs changing. Unfortunately, no bestselling book on the market can do that for you. On the other hand, if you can find a reason, deep enough and powerful enough to make you want to lose the weight and keep it off, nothing can stop you.

So, why not give it a chance? Here are 3 basic tips that you can use to get on the right path. They are nothing new, just some basic reminders of what you need to do to start losing the weight for good.
  1. Dig deep. Make sure you have an airtight reason for wanting to lose the weight. Doing it for cosmetic reasons alone is not sufficient. Try to figure what your real motivation is.
  2. Create your own diet. If you have followed a popular diet before, chances are you lost some weight and put it all back on. This time, make it your own and lose the weight for good.  
  3. Get moving. It might be difficult to exercise at first. But if you are motivated, you will find a way to get moving. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes a day. But remember, you don't have to do it all at once. If you can take 3 ten-minute stints a day, it will add up. So, don't make any excuses.
If you have questions about losing weight or need help in creating a personal weight loss plan, talk to a registered dietitian. Registered dietitians are the healthcare professionals most trained and experienced to assist you with making smart food and lifestyle choices to control your weight and prevent or treat diet related health problems.