Thursday, March 17, 2011

Preventing Obesity

Preventing obesity in today's fast food and junk food environment is tough. But by being aware of what's in the foods you buy and making smart choices, you can manage to avoid joining the ranks of the obese. If you are already overweight or obese, you can use your knowledge and awareness to make better choices and lose the weight.

Eating foods as close to their natural state is an important part of any weight management strategy. Colorful foods, foods that are high in fiber and foods that contain healthy unsaturated fats must become a part of your daily diet.

On the other hand, you must reduce your intake of foods that are high in sugar, salt, saturated fats and trans fats. This will be hard to do if these are the foods you are accustomed to. The good news is, you have a choice. You can continue to eat the junk that leads to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and daily aches and pains, or you can decide to give your body what it needs for lasting health.
March is National Nutrition Month and the American Dietetic Association wants you to celebrate this month by adding more colorful foods to your meals.
If you would like help planning healthy meals and snacks, talk to a registered dietitians. You can find a registered dietitian by visiting, the American Dietetic Association website and searching to find a registered dietitian. Registered dietitians are the healthcare professionals most trained and qualified to assist in meal planning, weight management and other diet-related issues.