Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun and Healthy Snacks Your Child Will Love to Eat

Children love snacks. But, unfortunately the snacks that they eat most are the ones they should be eating least, if at all. That’s because America’s kids are filling up on foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt, not to mention loaded with calories. And with childhood obesity at an all-time high and climbing, those are the foods they need least of all.

So, are there any foods that your child can enjoy without gaining too much weight?

Of course there are. You only have to pay more attention to what you are stocking in the house and what you buy when you take the kids out. You will also need to have the “chat” with your kids to help them learn the importance of eating more nutritious foods and less high-calorie junk food. 

Keep in mind that if you set a good example, it will be easier for your kids to follow.

Here are a few healthy snacks for starters:
  1. Turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato
  2. Peanut butter sandwich with whole wheat bread
  3. Fresh fruit and vegetable kebab
  4. Broccoli, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks with Ranch dressing
  5. Cheese sticks
  6. Yogurt smoothie with fresh strawberries
  7. Yogurt parfait
  8. Homemade trail mix of nuts, raisins and dried pineapple chunks
  9. Nutty oatmeal cookies
  10. Fresh fruit cup of blueberries, strawberries and kiwi
  11. Watermelon chunks
  12. Frozen juice cup with 100% juice