Friday, February 11, 2011

Rules of Good Nutrition

The rules of good nutrition are pretty simple: 
  • Choose nutritious foods.
  • Eat only as much as you need to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid eating too much junk food.
  • Stay active.

Here’s why you should follow these rules.
  • If you don’t you are likely to fall back into your old ways of eating.
  • If you eat too much, you will gain too much weight and become obese.
  • Junk food is the main cause of obesity in America.
  • Lack of exercise contributes to unhealthy weight gain. 
Concerned about your weight? Talk to a registered dietitian. Registered dietitians/RDs are the healthcare professionals most trained and qualified to help you make the right food choices for your condition. You can find a registered dietitian by visiting the American Dietetic Association website at or searching online for a registered dietitian.
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