Monday, November 29, 2010

7 Helpful Tips for Losing Weight During the Holiday Season

You might think that losing weight during the holiday season means that you can't eat and enjoy the amazing variety of foods that make the holidays so delightful. In fact, you can enjoy the same holiday treats that everyone else does, but not without some restrictions.

Understanding Your Relationship With Food
First of all, if you are to succeed at losing weight during the holiday season, you have to understand your relationship with food. If you know that you cannot have just one piece of chocolate fudge brownie, don’t challenge your taste buds; you are likely to lose the challenge. Instead, consider treating yourself to another of your favorite treats, but make it one that will not cause you to overeat.

Create a List
If you are overweight, you should have a sense of which foods are most likely to cause you to gain weight. Make a list of these foods. Next to these 'challenging' foods, ext to each of those foods, write down one or two foods that you might enjoy as a healthy alternative. Use this list when you go shopping, in planning family meals and snacks, and when attending your office party or other social event.

Be Mindful of What You're Eating
You have to pay attention to what you are eating. If you are not paying attention you could end up eating a lot more than you plan to. This is particularly true if alcohol is served or if there is an endless flow of hors de oeuvres being catered to the crowd.

Portion Control
If you can have a small bite of any holiday treat and not eat until you are stuffed, you will probably do okay. But if you can’t resist all of the high-calories snacks you may encounter, you're hardly likely to to lose the weight. In fact, you can easily gain a lot.

Skip the Empty Calories
Keep in mind that empty calories abound over the holidays. These take the form of candies, soft drinks and other foods that are essentially a load of calories from sugar, unhealthy fats. Sodas and candy are the biggest threats during the holidays. You would be wise to eliminate these foods if you can, or consume only small amounts and on rare occasion.

Go Easy on the Alcohol
Alcoholic drinks can cause you to lose your resolve. As a result, you could end up eating a lot more than you plan to. Stay away from the bar. If alcoholic drinks are being catered, learn to say, "No Thank You."

You might find it difficult to lose weight during the holidays. But it is worth a try. Even if you don't lose the weight, by paying attention to your diet you may be able to avoid runaway weight gain and related health problems.