Sunday, October 30, 2011

Can Pumpkin Help You Control Your Diabetes?

Have you carved your Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween? If you did, surely, it must have been fun, particularly if children were involved. But pumpkins aren't just for making Jack-O-Lanterns. They make an amazing contribution to the diet. Whether you eat pumpkin in soup, as a side dish, in a cake or as pumpkin pie, you're bound to enjoy it and reap a great deal of nutritional benefits as well.

But that's not all.

Pumpkin has been used by indigenous cultures as a treatment for diabetes for centuries. Now, research is confirming what indigenous people have known all along - that pumpkin can help to lower blood glucose levels. 

For example, in one laboratory study, researchers fed a pumpkin extract to diabetic animals and found that the animals fed the extract had higher insulin and lower blood glucose levels than animals that did not receive the extract. 

That's right. The same pumpkin that you are carving to make Jack-O-Lanterns just might turn out to be the medicine you need to control your diabetes.

Once again, these studies remind us that, indeed, "Food is medicine." 

Happy Halloween.

Notice: Please note that nothing in this blog is to be construed as medical advice. The information provided is for education and information purposes only. If you have diabetes, discuss your options regarding with your healthcare provider. Your doctor and registered dietitian can provide appropriate guidance.